Flowmetric: Innovating Water Risk Management in the Textile Industry

Flowmetric, a standout finalist in our recent water challenge competition in last year 2023, is revolutionizing the textile industry’s approach to water risk management. As a participant in GIZ’s “Green Tech Landing Pad” initiative, Flowmetric has piloted its innovative platform designed to help businesses better manage water resources and comply with international standards. This platform not only measures water inflows and discharges but also assesses the financial impacts of water-related risks. By providing vital resources and expert connections, Flowmetric aims to foster sustainable growth and environmental responsibility within the textile sector.

The case of Flowmetric

Flowmetric, a corporate water risk management platform, was selected by the Landing Pad for pilot implementation of its water risk management tool, and providing support in branding and market linkages, expert connections and data access. Flowmetric’s platform, once validated and adopted widely, will help textile businesses better comply with differing international water-use standards by more accurately measuring its water inflows and discharges, assess the financial impact of the identified water risks. The successful pilot will then pave the way for Flowmetric’s expansion, enabling companies to assess the financial impact of the identified water-related risks.

The Green Tech Landing Pad goes beyond technology validation. It empowers startups like Flowmetric by providing useful resources and connections, opening doors to market expansion and sustainable growth. This approach fosters a thriving ecosystem of green innovation within Viet Nam’s textile industry, benefiting both people and the environment.

“As a pioneer in water risk management, we faced many challenges in developing our platform; our rapid progress would not have been possible without the support from GIZ, our partner. As a startup with limited resources, we welcomed experience and guidance brought by GIZ. They’ve empowered us to focus on innovation and given us the tools to launch a full-fledged product.” (Wilder McCoy, co-founder of Flowmetric)

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