Our Mission

Creating measurable, scalable, and sustainable solutions to combat climate change in Vietnam

What we're solving

Water is complex. Here are the some water challenges we need to solve in order to have a resilient system :

People and animals can have low-cost or free access to drinking water.

Households have easy access to water for non-drinking activities, such as showering or doing laundry.

Industrial waste, untreated wastewater, agricultural runoff, or household wastewater are often discarded into public water space. Wastewater treatment and management must improve to reduce pollution. “It is harder to filter polluted river water than to filter acidic rainwater.”

Farming is heavily climate-dependent. Farmers will need accessible information in order to change crops, business models, or optimize irrigation practices in order to conserve water and respond to climate events.

Over-extracting or contaminating groundwater endangers our ability to use this resource in the future while enabling saltwater to intrude deeper. Conserving this is vital to extreme weather events, such as droughts. Depleting groundwater also causes landslides. 

Techniques for adapting to extreme heat, flood, salt contamination can be innovations in new business models, architectural designs, household/industrial water management, mangrove reforestation, agricultural practices, etc. We want to uplift innovations addressing beyond the challenges we have above.

Our Approach

1. Fostering Innovation Through Collaboration

We engage with universities and innovation hubs, in Vietnam and internationally, such as Fulbright University, to inspire and incubate startups ready to tackle Vietnam’s water issues. Our collaborations include organizing tech challenges to find innovative and sustainable solutions to these pressing problems.

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2. Building An Ecosystem For Environmental Startups

Our goal is to catalyze a robust environmental tech ecosystem in Vietnam. We provide promising startups with essential resources and mentorship and assist them in securing public and private funding to scale their ground-breaking solutions.

3. Facilitating Global Networking

As a bridge, we connect Vietnamese stakeholders with global experts in Silicon Valley, encouraging knowledge exchange and sustainable progress. Our founding members, leaders within extensive networks of Vietnamese tech professionals & entrepreneurs, are instrumental in creating these links. We foster connections with global environmental companies to mentor Vietnam’s rising environmental startups, boosting their potential to impact change.

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4. Bridging The Technology Gaps

We’re here to bridge the tech gap between Vietnam and the global stage. We champion technology and expertise transfers via educational workshops, fostering startups, and offering advisory support to projects, companies, and government agencies. In essence, we aim to level the playing field for Vietnam’s clean tech ecosystem.