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The water crisis is one of the most urgent global issues of our time, and it’s hitting close to home in Vietnam. At Nuoc.Solutions, we’re not just responding to a crisis; we’re actively shaping a future where everyone has access to clean, sustainable water. Partner with us to turn this vision into a reality.

Your Contribution Matters

Your donation isn’t just a gift; it’s an investment in a sustainable future. Here’s how your financial support can make an impact:

  • Fostering Innovation: Your contribution enables us to organize Tech Challenges that galvanize bright minds to solve water problems using technology.
  • Incubating Ideas: We help entrepreneurial teams turn their brilliant ideas into scalable, tangible solutions. Your donation provides the seed money for these game-changing projects.
  • Scaling Impact: We don’t just aim for small fixes; we aim for systemic change. Your financial contribution helps pilot projects scale to full-fledged operations that make sustainable water management a reality across Vietnam.


If you’re a highly educated professional passionate about environmental conservation, we could use your skills. Whether it’s technical expertise, marketing, or project management, your time is invaluable for fostering innovation and implementing sustainable practices. To volunteer, please fill in the volunteer form below.

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