Mekong Water Challenge 2023

Mekong Water Challenge 2023 launched. Our challenge is organized in partnership with Fulbright University, KVIP, and Dragon Research Institute for Climate Change.


We at Nuoc.Solutions are excited to present the Mekong Water Challenge 2023. An initiative to transform water challenges into sustainable, innovative solutions. We’re looking for passionate individuals, dreamers and innovators like you to join us in creating a resilient water system in Vietnam.

No idea or team yet? No worries. We’ve got you covered! Contact us and we’ll match you with a team, or help you shape your idea.

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Mekong Delta farmers at a fish market
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Mekong Delta River

What We're Solving

The Mekong Water Challenge is born out of crucial water-related issues we’re facing in Vietnam. Here’s a snapshot of the problems at hand:

  1. Affordable and Universal Access to Water: Every individual, human or animal, should be able to access clean drinking and domestic water.

  2. Pollution Management: We’re grappling with substantial pollution from industrial waste, agricultural runoff, and untreated wastewater. There’s a pressing need for effective waste treatment and management.
  3. Optimization of Agricultural Water Use: Our agricultural sector needs support to use water efficiently and adapt to the impacts of climate change.

  4. Groundwater Conservation: Over-extraction and contamination are major threats to our groundwater resources. We need to safeguard our groundwater to prevent salinization and landslides.

  5. Climate Change Adaptation: We need to foster innovative strategies for climate change adaptation across various sectors, including new business models, architectural designs, and agricultural practices.

Why join us?

Join the Mekong Water Challenge 2023 to:

  1. Learn from the Best: Get mentored by experts from Silicon Valley. They’re leaders in tech, environmental policy, and entrepreneurship who are eager to share their knowledge and experience with you.

  2. Access to Venture Capital: We connect you to an extensive network of venture capitalists looking for groundbreaking solutions like yours. Let’s turn your ideas into reality!

  3. Win Cash Prizes: Apart from the invaluable experience and mentorship, stand a chance to win exciting cash prizes that can kick-start your entrepreneurial journey!

  4. Networking Opportunities: Connect with like-minded individuals, experts, entrepreneurs, and investors from across the globe. Who knows, you might find your future co-founder right here!

You can make a difference by joining the Mekong Water Challenge 2023
Scientists and entrepreneurs working together to create a better future for the Mekong Delta
Futuristic Mekong Delta

Organizers & Sponsors:

Mekong Water Challenge Sponsors and Organizers

You can make a difference.

Ready to Make a Splash? Dive Into the Mekong Water Challenge Today!

Whether you already have a brilliant water solution in mind or you’re just passionate about making a difference, there’s a place for you in the Mekong Water Challenge.

Got an idea? Fantastic! Gather a team and sign up now. Your concept could be the game-changing solution the Mekong Delta needs.

Don’t have a team? No problem! Email us, and we’ll help you find your future co-founders from our pool of passionate and talented participants.

No idea yet? That’s completely okay. Sometimes, the best ideas come when diverse minds meet. Email us and we’ll find you a team. Who knows, your team could pave the way to a more resilient Mekong Delta!

Don’t wait, the Mekong Delta needs you. Take the plunge and join the Mekong Water Challenge today!

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