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Nuoc.Solutions Partners with Touchstone Partners to Accelerate Environmental Tech Ecosystem in Vietnam

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MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. June 26th, 2023 – Nuoc.Solutions, a Silicon Valley-based climate non-profit, partners with Touchstone Partners, a venture capital firm in Ho Chi Minh City to accelerate the development of innovative climate solutions and technologies in Vietnam. The collaboration aims to empower environmental entrepreneurs by providing them with early exposure and guidance from venture capitalists, enabling them to exponentially grow their ideas and create a competitive environmental tech industry in Vietnam.

With Vietnam being one of the countries most affected by climate change, it is crucial to accelerate the development of innovative solutions and technologies in the environmental sector. This partnership will enable Nuoc.Solutions and Touchstone Partners to identify, support, and foster the growth of startups with a strong focus on addressing climate challenges.This year, Nuoc.Solutions collaborated with Fulbright University Vietnam to organize Mekong Water Challenge 2023, a competition that aims to identify and foster talents and innovative solutions that can enhance climate and water security in Vietnam. Touchstone Partners is one of the sponsors of the competition.

Tu Ngo, General Partner at Touchstone Partners, expressed her vision for the partnership: “While being a sector-agnostic venture capital, Touchstone is actively looking for solutions in the climate change mitigation space. We are thrilled to support Nuoc.Solutions their mission to combat climate change in Vietnam and raising awareness among the younger generation of Vietnamese about the role of water in our environment. Touchstone Partners will be supporting startups teams by providing mentorship throughout the challenge, connecting them to Touchstone’s network of advisors, and helping them in defining the launch pathway.”

The winning teams of the Mekong Water Challenge will have the chance to pitch their ideas to the Touchstone team and can be eligible to join the Touchstone Fellowship Program (TFP). This is a bespoke incubation program for high-potential founders to develop their initial ideas, with an investment size between US$ 50,000 – US$ 100,000 in convertible notes with simple, straightforward, and founders-friendly terms.

The partnership between Nuoc.Solutions, Fulbright University, and Touchstone Partners will create a powerful synergy to drive meaningful change in the Mekong Delta region and combat the pressing challenges posed by climate change.

Executive Director of Nuoc.Solutions, Minh-Tue Vo expressed excitement about the partnership, stating: “We are very thankful and really appreciate the support of Tu and the Touchstone team. With their input and support, we have been able to gather crucial interests from different quarters and speedily launch our first project in Vietnam, the Mekong Water Innovation Challenge this summer. I am personally excited for many years of fruitful collaboration to come!”

About Touchstone Partners

Touchstone Partners is an early-stage venture capital fund in Vietnam committed to investing in startups with the potential to create a major impact on people and the environment. Touchstone Partners’ investment capital comes from Pavilion Capital, Cercano Management, and several major governmental and private financial institutions in the region and the world. With more than 20 investments to date, our core investment areas include tech and tech-enabled businesses in fintech, healthcare, education, supply chain, consumer sector, deeptech, agriculture and climate change.

Not only do we provide capital, but we also partner with founders to help them develop their strategies, improve governance, boost their business development, and secure additional funding. With our extensive local know-how, operational experience and international network, our goal is to foster a vibrant startup ecosystem in Vietnam by building the next generation of business leaders with a strong commitment to integrity and social responsibility.

For more information about Touchstone Partners, please contact: 

Khue Phan
Touchstone Partners
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About Nuoc.Solutions:

Nuoc.Solutions, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization born in the heart of Silicon Valley, aims to create innovative, sustainable, and scalable solutions to problems relating to water in Vietnam. “Nước” means water in Vietnamese. 

For more information about Nuoc.Solutions, please contact: 

Minh-Tue Vo
Executive Director
Email: [email protected]